People don't want to be told.
They want to be moved.
A very short animated film.
Read about it.
Stories that resonate. Training that works.
New York Festivals TV & Film Awards
Branding through narrative.
Now available to watch on the internet.
Film Making

Cinema Storytelling for Businesses



No matter the topic (Ethics & Compliance, Safety, Sales, Yoga) our training films tap into "story" to capture hearts and minds, inspire people and change behavior.



Shift behavior by supplementing your training with a film that hits your crew in the heart.



Messaging through narrative. We unlock the human element in your brand.  The results snag attention and spark conversation.


"Cinema is...a way to talk bout the invisible through the visible" - Filmmaker Lee Chang Dong

(It's hard to argue with Mr. Dong, epecially since we don't speak Korean)

We use clips from popular film and television to illustrate ethics and compliance topics

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Movie Clip Monday – Equality

Published on July 10, 2017

Workplace equality has become a hot button issue for companies. While leadership teams actively wrestle…

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Movie Clip Monday – Conflict of Interest

Published on July 3, 2017

Nobody has problems spotting a conflict of interest in someone else.   But clearly seeing…

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Movie Clip Monday – Confidentiality

Published on June 26, 2017

Unfortunately, the notion of “confidentiality” can get lost on the social media generation bred to…

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