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Utilizing the science of story in award-winning training films since 2007.
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People don't want to be told.  They want to be moved.

IMAGINE employees raving about your training videos, thanking you in the interwebs, or moved to tears in their cubicle. It’s no fantasy. We’ve turned training films from a four letter word into must see TV.

RESONATE PICTURES uses our Hollywood network to create binge-worthy content that captures employee attention and transforms behavior. Let us move, challenge and inspire your team to become better versions of themselves through stories that resonate.

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Select between the Safety or Ethics & Compliance versions. 

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Custom and Off-the-Shelf



FITS LIKE A GLOVE. Your culture, your customs, specific to your company.  Is there a story you need to tell, that if your employees were moved to change their behavior, could transform your business or prevent a multi-million dollar lawsuit? We will gain an understanding of your training need and how it impacts your business.  We'll observe your culture in order to develop stories that will best reflect the lives of employees.


Our growing library includes eight super short compliance awareness animations, a seven episode sitcom-style series covering general ethical topics and a twelve minute construction safety short film.  Ask us how you can be a part of building this library. 

Use clips from popular film and television to illustrate ethics and compliance topics

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"Cinema is...a way to talk bout the invisible through the visible" - Filmmaker Lee Chang Dong

(It's hard to argue with Mr. Dong, epecially since we don't speak Korean)

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