With this clip, you’re not only launching into a serious topic in a way that grabs attention, you’re also introducing your millennial workforce to one of the best comedies from the eighties.

Rarely is bribery as blatant as depicted in this humorous scene from “The Naked Gun,” but that shouldn’t prevent you from using it to spark discussion about when an official might be leading an employee down the wrong track.

It may be unclear who wins at the end of this exchange, but it is clear whether or not corporate bribery wins. According to Forbes, a study from The Accounting Review finds evidence that bribery may be good for winning contracts, but ultimately is bad for long term profits.




What are common signs that an official might be about to suggest a bribe?

How can you respond to a situation when you feel what you’re being asked to do might compromise a business outcome?


How can you pre-emptively communicate a company’s stance on bribery without it turning accusatory?

Where should you go to report any bribery in our company or business associates?



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