It’s doubtful your employees are confronted with something as obvious as someone holding open a suitcase of money. Today, bribery takes on a multitude of forms: gifts, favors, introductions, favorable reviews or placement, turning a blind eye… the list is endless. Though most people can define the word “bribe,” it’s important to clearly outline for your team all the different types of modern day bribery in business.

This clip from the buddy cop comedy “The Other Guys” provides a hysterical example of two guys repeatedly falling for a businessman’s bribes. Because the clip is over the top, it creates a non-threatening example that you can use for launching into a serious discussion.

NOTE: For our purposes, the lesson begins at 0:26 of the clip, when Mark Wahlberg says, “Guess where we just came from?”


What can be used for bribes besides money or tickets?

What could make it difficult to recognize a bribe?

What excuses might a person use to justify a bribe?

Who might have a reason to offer you a bribe and how can you protect yourself?




Bryan Belknap, an award-winning screenwriter, is Creative Director at Resonate Pictures, which specializes in story-based training and branding films. He will be speaking at SCCE Compliance & Ethics Conference in Las Vegas.


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