Corruption takes myriad forms in business today. Where is the line between working with established friends/relationships and illegal activity? Kickbacks, bought favors and preferential treatment are easy to spot when they grease the wheels of American business, but they get much harder to spot when foreign partners become involved.

Don’t dismiss this clip from “On the Waterfront” because it’s black & white and depicts a boss slapping around his underling. The obvious kickbacks and bribes it depicts can kick off a good discussion on corruption, how it might manifest itself in your own company as well as how to combat it if discovered.


What forms of corruption did you spot in the clip?

What other corrupt activities can appear in our industry?

Why might corruption become hard to spot when dealing with foreign partners?

What is the easiest form of corruption that could creep into your job? How can you protect against that?

Who can you go to in our company with any suspected corruption?




Bryan Belknap, an award-winning screenwriter, is Creative Director at Resonate Pictures, which specializes in story-based training and branding films. He will be speaking at SCCE Compliance & Ethics Conference in Las Vegas.


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