When does a compliment between the sexes constitute harassment? Your employees might be either walking on eggshells or acting like a bull in a china shop if they can’t answer that question.

In light of the near constant corporate harassment scandals popping up in newsfeeds, you can never reiterate your company’s policy enough.


This scene from the rom com classic “When Harry Met Sally” provides a lighthearted way into this very serious topic. Sally disagrees with Harry’s claim that a man can say a woman is attractive without it being an uncomfortable come on.

NOTE: For our purposes, the lesson ends at 48 seconds, when they start driving.




Did any sexual harassment occur in this scene?

Is it ever appropriate to compliment a co-worker’s appearance? Why or why not?

Why are people sometimes confused about what does and does not constitute harassment?

Where is a safe place to go within the company with questions about harassment?




Bryan Belknap, an award-winning screenwriter, is Creative Director at Resonate Pictures, which specializes in story-based training and branding films. He will be speaking at SCCE Compliance & Ethics Conference in Las Vegas.



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