Two seasons of compliance training comedy

We say YES when everyone else says NO.

We created this sitcom-style ethics and compliance training for Bearing Point in 2007.
It was so revolutionary at the time, Fast Company wrote:


"New episodes debuted each Monday, but employees were so ravenous for the next episode that they started tracking them down on the company's staging server where the videos were posted on the preceding Friday. 

"Note: When your company's employees are madly searching for your compliance videos, you've done something right." 

 Our client provided specific issues they wanted covered and we wove them all into a funny story. 
The rest is training film history.


Episode 4

"A Bridge to Nowhere"

Kevin hopes to foster unity with a client by throwing him a lavish surprise party… and charging the cost back to the client.

Episode 6

"Please, call me Kevin"

Maria must wriggle her way out of the not so veiled advances of her boss.

Season 2

Episode 1

Destination: Engagement City

Kevin pushes his team to complete an RFP for a new client in a ridiculously short time frame even though they are currently engaged.

Episode 4

“Tell Me Your Secrets”

Kevin ignores deadlines, but not the opportunity to engage in a little corporate espionage.