Compliance Training meets Legal Drama

A 2 min preview for the 35 min film
Initial Problem

Our client had endured a grueling lawsuit that sucked the energy from employees and resources from the company. Ten years after the fact, the company was filled with new employees lacking any sense of urgency concerning potential lawsuits. They had absolutely no personal experience dealing with the corrosive business atmosphere a lawsuit creates.


Our Solution

In order to not just tell employees about lawsuit dangers, but actually help them vicariously feel what it was like to weather the crucible-like experience, we created a legal drama centered around Cameron Hill, an exceptional unit manager who gets swept up in her employer’s billion dollar lawsuit. What begins as a disruption for the entire workforce quickly turns personal for Cameron, unhinging her career and invading her home life as she becomes a pawn in a grander scheme meant to dismantle the company.  

Amazing Result

Breathing Underwater helped personalize lawsuits for our client’s employees and shift their behavior by tapping into their own self-interest and self-preservation rather than a stale policy mandate. Fun Fact: After completion, the client considered shelving the film, fearing it would make their employees too scared to do their jobs.

Behind the Scenes

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