Construction Safety Training with a Puppy

Initial Problem

Construction sites are pressure cookers of high stakes deadlines with seemingly incompatible demands of faster, better and safer… where safety often loses. JE Dunn, the 11th largest contractor in the U.S., wanted to shift their workforce’s “accidents can never happen to me” mentality with a film that would go beyond a list of rules to trigger an emotional response.

Our Solution

COVERED changes reckless behavior by drilling into every construction worker's core desires – get home to loved ones safe each night while protecting co-workers from your own mistakes. Drew’s first day on the job finds him caught between his foreman Paul’s demand to do things correctly and the prevailing “wisdom” of Earl, a grizzled veteran who completes tasks with time-saving “common sense” short cuts. It’s a battle over the right way versus right now, where lives hang in the balance.

Amazing Result

We hold this email from a JE Dunn employee to be our most ringing endorsement: “We are using the new JE Dunn Construction Company safety video. I actually have grown men in my class with tears in their eyes. Very Effective Video.” (sic)

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