Branded Content: Health clinic profile turned film festival doc

10 Official Selections. 3 Awards.


"We deliver health care, not sick care."   - HCHC Director Jon Stewart


Most people equate navigating the healthcare system with deciphering the astrophysics in “The Martian.” Premiums outpacing income, red tape blocking treatments, doctors drowning in bureaucracy and Washington playing history’s longest game of political hot potato has us trapped in a Kafka novel. It’s almost enough to make you want to move to Canada.


Or Lawrence, Kansas.


That’s where Heartland Community Health Center, with Jon as CEO, ignores the status quo. While its mission “To transform the health and lives of those in need through the love of Jesus Christ” might sound lifted from a “Ministry for Dummies” template, its methods are nothing short of revolutionary.


Following the strong thread of empathy binding three of Heartland Community Health Center's workers, this documentary uncovers the impact helping others has on them personally as well as their view of true satisfaction. Their unique perspective completely reshapes how Heartland serves and cares for their patients, regardless of background or circumstance.


"Fill Up. Pour Out." is that rare example of a group of people not allowing politics to keep them from transforming the landscape of healthcare in America.


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Directed and Edited by Marc Havener
Titles and Graphics by Ken Franks
Assistant Editor - Heather Attig
Assistant Camera - Sarah Harnett
Production Assistant - Stephen Olson
Sound Mix - CJ Drumeller
Colour - Matt Fezz
Foley - Mr Toad

Jon Stewart
Lindsay Elliot
Jenny Maciaszek

Featuring the music of
The Brilliance
Luke Atencio

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