Driver’s Seat Sales Training

Initial Problem

What would it be like to follow an employee on a sales call?  The client requested we answer this question with an engaging, realistic video that experientially trained employees in their latest sales rules and practices.  We took a faux documentary approach, which successfully fooled many viewers into believing they were watching real AGDC employees.


Our Solution

Scott, a new tobacco sales employee, has an overconfident attitude that helps spur a friendly competition with a co-worker showing him the ropes.  Scott must humbly receive wisdom from his seasoned peer, though, when a grizzled retailer won't buy into his new strategy of lowering prices. Scott learns to find common ground and focus on the needs of the retailer, leading to a winning sales strategy.

Amazing Result

 The training was delivered in groups with facilitator moderation between episodes.  After each session, without fail, the question arose: “Were those real AGDC employees being filmed?”  Reports of standing ovations were not uncommon as well.

Profit Picture

The client had been using this hugely successful training for years, but it eventually became outdated because of new policies and guidelines.  So what does Hollywood do when a beloved character and story needs polishing?  They reboot.

 Game Changers is a re-imagining of the same characters from training called Profit Picture.  Only this time with bigger action sequences, scarier villains and more explosions.  (That part's not true.)  


Watch the trailer to the training that started it all.

Scenes from the film