Part comedy. Part tragedy. All ethics.



This “Office” style mockumentary built upon the success of the AGGRIEVA series by weaving even more ethics and compliance topics into a single cohesive story. Utilizing an overarching story not only increased the “must see” factor for employees, it also allowed us to amp up the laughs by repeatedly hitting certain hot-button topics as comedic through-lines.

We partnered with Premier, Inc., an alliance of healthcare providers, to develop this licensable series.  Supporting materials include an e-learning module that introduces videos and follows them with multiple choice questions.

Premier reported that a record number of employees completed their ethics and compliance training, as well as unprecedented retention of the points discussed in the comedy.



Ethics Day
Episode 3

Jeff answers all his team’s ethical questions about supplier gifts and corporate expensing… incorrectly.

The Prank
Episode 4

Jeff is so relaxed, he’s not concerned about accidentally emailing out employee salaries, secretly recording conversations or playing pranks.

A Gift
Episode 5

Jeff tries to slip through every hiring, expensing and gifting loophole.

The Insider
Episode 6

Jeff dabbles in a little price fixing and bribery.

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