Branding from 10,000 feet

A six week process compressed into a 2 minute video

Anheuser-Busch wanted to create awareness and distinction around its Shock Top brand of craft beers. How best to separate their product in a crowded digital landscape? Resonate Pictures’ short documercial connected Shock Top’s hand-crafted ethos with a uniquely grand experience that would capture viewer attention.


Crop artist Stan Herd used one of the world’s largest canvases (a wheat field) and unique array of paints (beer ingredients like hops, chocolate malt, midnight wheat, chili peppers, oranges and spice) to create a striking piece of work. The incredible scale of the unfiltered process in Stan’s incredible work naturally connected with and raised the profile of Shock Top and the elaborate, unseen technique that goes into crafting it.  

We were there to watch it all go down.

Behind the Scenes

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