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An overzealous soccer dad attends his daughter's ballet recital. (TRT: 1 min)


Official Selection 2015 Sidewalk Film Festival

Official Selection 2016 Durango Independent Film Festival

Official Selection 2016 Clean Shorts Film Festival



An ER receptionist adopts a misguided mantra. (TRT: 48 seconds)


World Premiere 2016 Durango Independent Film Festival


MAN ON MARS (Coming Next)

An astronaut relishes the glory minutes before the big launch.

CLARK is a collection of VERY SHORT animated movies that can be dropped into any program without adding hardly a minute to its running time.  Each one contains a beginning, middle and end, while delivering a minimum of four laughs, all in less time than it takes most credits to role.


A programmer’s dream since they are not available online and there are more to come. Slip it in between two important, auteurist-y type films to reset the audience’s palate. They are super short with only TWO THINGS in common: CLARK and FUNNY.


THE THIRD THING IN COMMON is the exceptionally talented creative force behind the collection. Including:


Writer BRYAN BELKNAP who joined Tony Hale, penned Subway's #SaveLunchBreak commercials.

Writer GRANT NIEPORTE wrote the feature "Seven Pounds," some episodes of "8 Simple Rules," and one for the show about the teenage witch. 

Actor ALEX BEH invented the word "brotally," has made gobs of shorts, and premiered his first feature "Warren"  at Santa Barbara FF.

Director MARC HAVENER isn't nearly as talented as the rest of these guys and it's a sad shame.



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Follow Clark as he lands in outlandish situations.


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